Facilities Highlights | Water Facility List | Wastewater Facility List

Facilities Highlights

Town of LaGrange

Water-Facilities Description

In March 2006 the Manchester Water District was formed. The Manchester Water District was developed to serve several new developments along with tying together four of the existing water districts. The Manchester Treatment Plant consist of two wells which each produce 530 GPM. An additional well is planned to be drilled in 2011. In addition to the Manchester District, Environmental Consultants operates the Town Center and Grandview Water Districts for the Town of LaGrange. The Southwest LaGrange Water District (which is now included in the Manchester District) consists of two Bruner filters for removal of iron and manganese. Due to the expertise of Environmental Consultants, a long standing problem of calcium precipitate was discovered in the system causing the 4” piping entering the storage tanks to be reduced to a 3/4” volume. The problem was discovered before any other damage to the system occurred and a permanent repair as completed by Environmental Consultants. Environmental Consultants provides complete individual customer billing for all of the Town’s water districts.

Wastewater-Facilities Description

In January 2008, phase one of the new Titusville Wastewater Treatment Facility was put into service. Phase one consists of a state of the art Sequential Batch Reactor (SBR) facility permitted to treat 500,000 GPD. Ultimately, three phases are planned which will expand the facility to 1,500,000 GPD. The SBR process was designed by Waste Solutions an internationally recognized engineering firm located in New Zealand. The new Titusville facility is the first of its design in the United States. In addition to the new Titusville facility Environmental Consultants operates for the Town of LaGrange the Noxon Knolls Wastewater treatment facility, which is a 30,000 GPD activated sludge wastewater treatment facility.

Contacts: (845) 452-1830

     - Alan Bell, Supervisor (845) 452-1830
     - Wanda Atkins, Director of Public Works (845) 452-8562

Town of Shawangunk

Water-Facility Description

The Town of Shawangunk Water Treatment Facility is a well water system with a 300,000 gallon holding tank and 500,000 standpipe. Environmental Consultants provides individual customer billing services for the Town’s water customers.

Wastewater-Facility Description

The Town of Shawangunk Wastewater Treatment Facility is an 835,000 GPD oxidation ditch facility with a plate and frame sludge press for sludge treatment. Environmental Consultants provides individual customer billing services for the Town’s wastewater customers.

Contacts: (845) 895-2900

     - John Valk, Jr., Supervisor

Village of New Paltz

Water-Facility Description

The Village of New Paltz Water Treatment Facility is an upflow adsorption clarifier and dual media Trident Microfloc filtration process with a design capacity of 2.0 MGD.   This facility treats raw water from the New York City Catskill Aqueduct along with water from four on-site reservoirs with a total capacity of 8.5 million gallons.

Wastewater-Facility Description

The Village of New Paltz Wastewater Treatment Facility is a 1.2 MGD trickling filter facility with an upgrade in progress to increase the capacity to 1.5 MGD. A grant has been applied for to convert the sludge drying greenhouses into an innovative reed bed process which will be used to treat the alum sludge from the water treatment facility along with sewage sludge. This reed bed process will significantly reduce the cost of disposing of sludge at both of the facilities.

Contacts: (845) 255-0130

     - Blu Twilliger, DPW Superintendent

Town of Warwick

Water-Facilities Description

The Town of Warwick Water facilities consist of seven separate districts with each district having its own treatment facility and source wells.

Wastewater-Facilities Description

The Town of Warwick Wastewater facility is an Activated Sludge Oxidation Ditch Wastewater Treatment Plant along with several pumping stations. The Wastewater Treatment Facility is designed to treat 390,000 GPD. The facility has complete on-site solids handling including a dissolved air flotation (DAF) unit and belt filter press.

Contacts: (845) 986-1120

     - Michael Sweeton, Town Supervisor

Village of Tuxedo Park

Water-Facility Description

The Village of Tuxedo Park Water Treatment Facility is a .450 MGD Graver filtration system that was built in the 1960’s and is currently in the process of being upgraded. Environmental Consultants has performed various pilot projects to select the process for the newly designed facility. Construction of the new facility began in the Spring of 1999 with Environmental Consultants hired to coordinate the transition from the old facility and construction of the new facility.  

Along with the treatment facility upgrade, the distribution system required extensive repairs/upgrades. Environmental Consultants has been instrumental in assisting the Village in planning these repairs along with many cost saving measures.

Wastewater-Facility Description

The Village of Tuxedo Park Wastewater Treatment Facility is a .450 MGD trickling filter process which was in a state of disrepair when Environmental Consultants was retained. Currently the facility is in the process of a redesign to upgrade the primary clarifiers and sludge handling capabilities of the facility. The effluent discharge piping will be extended to a new receiving stream which will enable the facility to meet the current SPDES permit limitations.

Contacts: (845) 351-4374

     - Jeff Voss, Superintendent of Public Works

NYS Watershed Facilities

Environmental Consultants has experience and expertise in operating and maintaining wastewater facilities that have gone through the NYC DEP upgrade process. These facilities discharge in to the watershed area used by the NYC water system, therefore, they must include state of the art treatment technology and techniques which require an added level of experience. The facilities use various primary treatment including sequential batch reactor (SBR), membrane bioreactor (MBR), rotating biological contactor (RBC) and activated sludge. All of the facilities also include both tertiary filtration plus microfiltration which produces the highest level of treatment possible.

NYC DEP upgraded facilities include:

     - Elka Park WWTP - Hunter, NY
     - Olive Woods WWTP - Shokan, NY
     - Lincoln Hall WWTP - Somers, NY
     - I-684 Rest Area WWTP - Brewster, NY
     - Lewisboro Elementary School WWTP - Lewisboro, NY
     - Increase Miller School Elementary - Lewisboro, NY
     - Camp Oh Neh Tah (Girls Quest) WWTP, Windham, NY
     - Hill-Sparrow WWTP - Carmel, NY

Glaxo SmithKline

Wastewater - Facility Description

Environmental Consultants provides full service operations and maintenance of both the industrial and domestic waste treatment facilities for the Glaxo SmithKline facility located in East Durham, NY. The system includes sophisticated treatment of the waste from the production of toothpaste.

Contacts: (518) 261-8784

     - Yamini Narasimham, EHSS Manager

Plum Island Animal Disease Center - Greenport, NY

Water and Wastewater

Environmental Consultants provided operations, technical assistance and training to newly hired operations staff for the United States Disease Centers’ Plum Island Animal Disease Center water and wastewater treatment facilities. The facilities included decontamination facilities, activated sludge process treatment, ultra-violet disinfection and reed bed sludge treatment technology.

Water Facility List

*Municipal Facilities are Bold

  1. 148 Old Ravena Rd. MHP – Ravena, NY
  2. ABCD at New Paltz – New Paltz, NY
  3. Annarella – New Paltz, NY
  4. Bedford Rest Area (NYS DOT) – Bedford, NY
  5. Bella Terra Apartments - New Paltz, NY
  6. Bellevale Water - Warwick, NY
  7. Brookside Mobile Home Park - Catskill, NY
  8. Camby IRS – LaGrangeville, NY
  9. Camp Wendy – Wallkill, NY
  10. Capuchin Youth Ministries - Garrison, NY
  11. Central Hudson Gas & Electric - New Paltz, NY
  12. Central Hudson Gas & Electric - Kingston, NY
  13. Chapelfield School – Pine Bush, NY
  14. Clinton Hollow IRA - Salt Point, NY
  15. Clove Vally IRA – LaGrangeville, NY
  16. Cove Road IRA – Rhinebeck, NY
  17. Crestview Manor - Dover, NY
  18. Cross River Place – Cross River, NY
  19. Cross River Plaza - Cross River, NY
  20. Deerfield Estates - LaGrange, NY
  21. Early Education Center - Ulster, NY
  22. East Fishkill Rest Area (NYS DOT) – East Fishkill, NY
  23. Eastern Ulster Correctional Facility - Ellenville, NY
  24. Elka Park Association - Elka Park, NY
  25. Eurich Heights - Warwick, NY
  26. Fairgrounds Water - Warwick, NY
  27. First Class Daycare - Goshen, NY
  28. Fishkill Financial Center – Fishkill, NY
  29. Freedom Park - LaGrange, NY
  30. Gabriety IRA - Highland, NY
  31. Gardiner Townhouse Condominiums - Gardiner, NY
  32. Garrison Institute - Philipstown, NY
  33. Garrison Landing Water District - Philipstown, NY
  34. Garrison Union Free School District - Garrison, NY
  35. Grandview Estates - LaGrange, NY
  36. Hill-Sparrow – Carmel, NY
  37. Hudson Home Park - Gardiner, NY
  38. LaGrange Park – LaGrange, NY
  39. Lincoln Hall School - Lincolndale, NY
  40. Lloyd, Town of – Lloyd, NY
  41. Lucas Estates Water Company - Accord, NY
  42. Ludlow Woods IRA – Standfordville, NY
  43. Manchester Water District (Town of LaGrange) - LaGrange, NY
  44. Maple Lane IRA – Valatie, NY
  45. Marakill IRA – New Paltz, NY
  46. Marbletown IRA – Stone Ridge, NY
  47. Merchant Square - Warwick, NY
  48. Michelle Estates (Billing & Meter Reading) - Cross River, NY
  49. Milestone Square - Pleasant Valley, NY
  50. Montgomery Nursing Home - Montgomery, NY
  51. Moorgate MHP – East Fishkill, NY
  52. New Paltz (Village of) – New Paltz, NY
  53. New York State Dept. of Transportation (I-684) – Bedford, NY
  54. New York State Dept. of Transportation (I-684) – Southeast, NY
  55. Northern Westchester Professional Center - Mt. Kisco, NY
  56. Noxon Knolls - LaGrange, NY
  57. Orange County Correctional Facility - Goshen, NY
  58. Orange County K-9 Center – Goshen, NY
  59. Orange County Residential Center - Florida, NY
  60. Orange County Emergency Communications Center – Goshen, NY
  61. Park Center - New Paltz, NY
  62. Pine Island - Warwick, NY
  63. Pine Ridge Estates - Coeymans, NY
  64. Pleasant Valley Gardens - Pleasant Valley, NY
  65. Rainbows End Child Development Center - Salt Point, NY
  66. Resort at Accord - Accord, NY
  67. Rhythm and Rhyme - Warwick, NY
  68. Schulz Hill IRA – Staatsburgh, NY
  69. Cabrini - West Park, NY
  70. Christopher’s – Valhalla, NY
  71. Stepping Stone IRA – Cold Spring, NY
  72. Stormville Rest Area (NYS DOT) – East Fishkill, NY
  73. Samaritan Village - Ellenville, NY
  74. Shawangunk Correctional (NYS Dept. of Corrections) – Shawangunk, NY
  75. Shawangunk, Town of (Wallkill Water)- Shawangunk, NY
  76. Somerdel Water Company (Greenbriar) - Somers, NY
  77. Southwest LaGrange - LaGrange, NY
  78. Sumland Office Park – East Fishkill, NY
  79. Taconic Plaza - East Fishkill, NY
  80. Tanglewood - LaGrange, NY
  81. Tectonic Engineering Water - Cornwall, NY
  82. Titusville - LaGrange, NY
  83. Town Center - LaGrange, NY
  84. Tuxedo Park, Village of - Tuxedo Park, NY
  85. Ukranian National Association- Kerhonkson, NY
  86. Valkill East Mobile Home Park - Hyde Park, NY
  87. Waccabuc Water - Lewisboro, NY
  88. Wallkill Correctional (NYS Dept.of Corrections) – Shawangunk, NY
  89. Wallkill Valley Estates - Wallkill, NY
  90. Warwick Town Complex - Warwick, NY
  91. Warwick Town Park - Warwick, NY
  92. Westside Greenwood Lake - Warwick, NY
  93. Whistle Tree Development Corp. - Hunter, NY
  94. Wickham Village - Warwick, NY
  95. Wild Oaks Water Company - Lewisboro, NY
  96. Willow Manor – Woodstock, NY
  97. Willows Water - Somers, NY
  98. Woodland Drive Water – Walden, NY
  99. Woodstock Percussion (Olive Woods) – Shaokan, NY

Wastewater Facility List

*Municipal Facilities are Bold

  1. 148 Old Ravena MHP – Ravena, NY
  2. Baltic Estates - Croton, NY
  3. Camp Luddington (Putnam/Westchester Girl Scouts) – Holmes, NY
  4. Camp Tashbar - Woodridge, NY
  5. Chelsea Cove (Dutchess County Water & Wastewater Authority) – Beekman, NY
  6. ChevronTeaxco - Beacon, NY
  7. Cross River Plaza - Cross River, NY
  8. Elka Park - Elka Park, NY
  9. Ellenville (Village) – Ellenville, NY
  10. Fairgrounds Water - Warwick, NY
  11. Fox Hill VI - Poughkeepsie, NY
  12. Gardiner, Town of - Gardiner, NY
  13. Gardiner Townhouse Condominiums - Gardiner, NY
  14. Garrison Institute - Philipstown, NY
  15. Girls Quest (Camp Oh-Neh-Tah) - East Windham, NY
  16. Glaxo SmithKline – Oak Hill, NY
  17. Increase Miller School - Lewisboro, NY
  18. Journey Inn - Hyde Park, NY
  19. LaPuerta Azul - Pleasant Valley, NY
  20. Lewisboro Elementary (Katonah-Lewisboro School District) - Lewisboro, NY
  21. Lincoln Hall School - Lincolndale, NY
  22. Newburgh Park Plaza - Newburgh, NY
  23. New Paltz, Village of - New Paltz, NY
  24. New York State Dept. of Environmental Conservation (North-South Lake) - Hunter, NY
  25. Noxon Knolls (Town of LaGrange) - LaGrange, NY
  26. Olive Woods - Shokan, NY
  27. Orange County Correctional Facility - Goshen, NY
  28. Pine Ridge Estates - Coeymans, NY
  29. Samaritan Village - Ellenville, NY
  30. Samaritan Village Cape Road - Accord, NY
  31. Shawangunk, Town of (Wallkill Sewer)- Shawangunk, NY
  32. Southwest LaGrange - LaGrange, NY
  33. Cabrini Home - West Park, NY
  34. Stormville Rest Area (NYS DOT) – East Fishkill, NY
  35. Sunset Ridge (Town of LaGrange) – LaGrange, NY
  36. The Fairways at Hill and Dale - Carmel, NY
  37. Titusville (Town of LaGrange) - LaGrange, NY
  38. Tuxedo Park, Village of - Tuxedo Park, NY
  39. Ukrainian National Association - Kerhonkson, NY
  40. Valley View Nursing Home – Goshen, NY
  41. Whistle Tree Development Corp. - Hunter, NY
  42. Warwick Sewer District #1 - Warwick, NY
  43. Woods at Rhinebeck - Rhinebeck, NY
  44. Woodlands at Tuxedo – Tuxedo, NY